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Deal Review: Buying beds

Beds? This is the place where you spend at least a third of your day. This is where you take your deserved rest or intimacy. This is what you should carefully select to guarantee either. The market currently offers many bed materials, bed types and bed accessories. To choose the one which would fit your bedroom like a glove, you should mind the overall style, atmosphere and dimensions of your bedroom, your own size and weight as well as those of your partner or child, the need for add-on storage space.

Size matters

If there is anything you should consider in the first place, then this is size. If you would be sleeping along with a partner, you definitely need a double bed at least - you may choose from double, king and super king size. If alone, then your choice widens with the single size option. Bed choice would be straightforward if your bedroom is spacious. However, tinier rooms would need a tinge of ingenuity on your part. Inspect them for niches and angular arrangements which could well accommodate a bed, a hideaway included.

Type issues

Bed type primarily depends on who its owner is and on the bedroom style you have envisaged. If the bed is for your child, then you would be choosing among cabin beds, storage beds, mid-sleepers, high-sleepers. If for adults, then it is Ottoman beds, divan beds, leather, upholstery and wooden ones, and even TV beds within your scope of interest.

Storage concerns

For big families or small flats or houses, any extra storage is welcome. Hence, your bedroom would well benefit from storage space beneath your night-time retreat. Think whether you would need the storage space compartmentalised or not. Compartments would be handy if you keep there underwear or small items of apparel. If, however, you plan to keep there linen or bulky items, then consider non-compartmentalised space.


In Bedroom World there is a lush choice of beds for all UK mainland residents (Northern Ireland excluded). You can browse there by size, type, brand. Once you choose, you have full visibility into the cost of delivery. As for the terms of delivery, you can arrange delivery already on the next day, on a day of your choice or yet can sign up for a standard delivery.

At Bedworld you have all your beds delivered free already on the next day. This provider touts unbeatable prices for beds of all types and sizes. If you have price constraints, choose the price range you can afford. If you have a preferred brand, then look for it and see only the items within the range of this particular manufacturer.

Tesco also has a bed collection, just short of 5000 items. See what's on, the promotions included, compare the prices and take your final decision.

B&Q or diy.com as their website is called offer beds and mattresses of different styles and sizes. The best thing is their 10 year guarantee so when buying you have peace of mind for many years to come.

Last updated: January 2014

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